Thursday, 12 June 2008

Songs and bands likely to appeal to IT nerds

This list was compiled with the "help" of colleagues. Feel free to add to these bad puns.
  • Motley Cruise Control
  • Status Disk Quota
  • Visio Killed the Radio Star (by De-Buggles)
  • Iron Python Maiden
  • The Google Dolls
  • USB-40
  • InXSlt
  • Fleetwood (Apple) Mac
  • Bob Marley and the E-mailers
  • Sonny and SharePoint
  • Black-eyed ASPs
  • CultureInfo Club
  • Re-bootylicious
  • System of a Downtime
  • Billy Blu-Ray Cyrus
  • Snoop Blogg
  • Shania Twain interface
  • Silverlight Lady
  • Public Image Limited Disk Space
  • Don't believe the hyperterminal
  • Token Ring of Fire (by Jonny Cache)
  • Awk This Way (by Runas /user:DMC)
  • Wired for soundcard
  • Dragonforce shutdown
  • Bat out of HTML
  • Earth, Wind and Firewire
  • MPEGgy Sue
  • Great balls of Firefox
  • Alien Ant Web Farm
And my personal favourite:

Adam and the NAnts

[Edited 8 Oct 2008]